Modern JavaScript
Python Developers

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Want to learn JavaScript?

Are you a Python developer who wants to learn JavaScript further than just the bare minimum? Or maybe you're someone who's been frustrated with the world of JavaScript? Do you always learn as little JavaScript as possible, just enough to get by? Does the language feel confusing? Does the JavaScript ecosystem feel overwhelming, unnecessary and generally difficult to navigate?

Well, dear Python developer, why don't we change that? How would you like to stop being frustrated with JavaScript and start using its potential? I am preparing a course that will help you with exactly that!

With Modern JavaScript for Python Developers course (videos + code samples) you will:

Become as comfortable with JavaScript as you are with Python

JavaScript is a very expressive language and it lets you do a wide range of things in various ways. Some of those ways are good and some are bad. To know the good and avoid the bad you have to take some time to learn about the language. Seems obvious, but because JavaScript let's us "get away with it" (or because of its bad reputation) we often don't bother.

"JavaScript is the only programming language that people don't bother to learn before using." β€” Douglas Crockford

You took the time to learn about the Zen of Python and the "Pythonic way of doing things". Why don't you do the same for JavaScript? Properly learning a programming language takes a bit of time and effort, but it is so worth it in the long run.

I've been in your shoes, and I want this course to help you become as comfortable with JavaScript as you are with Python. And hopefully bring you the sense of "JavaScript is actually really cool". Or at the very least, to dispose of any "JavaScript is an awful language" notions you might have. πŸ˜‰

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About me

My name is Ε½an, and I'm a web developer and solo consultant based in Slovenia. I started my software career 7+ years ago with Python and Django. I knew a little bit of JavaScript, but just enough to get by. Unexpected behavior and errors were something I equated with JavaScript. And the way to go through that was always Stack Overflow. But then over time (i.e. I had a front end project I needed to take care of) I started getting into JavaScript more and more. I realized that just by understanding how it works and through some practice, I started enjoying it. It turns out JavaScript is not this villain everyone makes it out to be. It's actually a really exciting language and ecosystem.

And so I'm really excited about this course. I want to show other Python developers how great JavaScript can be. It's what I wish someone had showed me a while ago. This course has been in the making since my DjangoCon 2018 talk with the same name. I love teaching and mentoring, I've held multiple workshops at conferences over the years, and I've prepared custom (front end focused) trainings for (Django backend) teams. And now it's time for this course, which I see as a natural progression of all of that.

Hope you join me for the ride πŸ™‚